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Your Own BNN Bear Obituary

  • $34.99

Want to get killed by a bear, or have your best friend slain on BNN? This is your chance. With a bear obituary, you send me your photo, details about yourself and I'll do the rest.

  • I'll come up with a unique way in which you were killed by a bear.
  • The story will go up on BNN in the obituaries section for BNN's lifetime
  • The story will be featured on the front page of the day it posts
  • It will be easily shareable and hilarious fun for the whole family. See a sample obituary here.

You also have the option of ordering a high quality newspaper print of the story to hang on your wall. The story will be formatted in a newspaper style and you can either buy the file to have printed yourself, or pay for a print out of the file to be mailed to you directly.

By ordering this item you are giving permission, or at stating that you have permission to use the likeness of the name, photo and other information submitted and are granting BNN the right to use this name, photo and other likenesses in satirical BNN obituary article.

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