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Digital Commissions

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I WILL DO DIGITAL COMMISSIONS ONCE A MONTH, FIVE AT A TIME. Buying one here puts you in line. I honestly don't get a huge amount of orders. If you are concerned about how long it will take, send me a message and we can get it figured out.

You may request anything you like for your commission, but please keep in mind the more complicated you make it, the less fun I'll have drawing it. For a good commission, keep it simple and let me handle the detail. I'll make sure you're happy with your drawing.

Be sure to leave a note with instructions in the "order notes" box.


I draw your request digitally, email it to you at print resolution and you can decide how to print it. Be sure to describe your request.

Notes on commission variations:

Digital Pencil Sketch: This is a sketch that should take me no more than 15 minutes, keep the request simple. The more complex the request, the lower the quality of the drawing.

Black and White commissions: Digital ink, same way I draw my comics.

Color commission: Digital ink, colored in photoshop.

Artist's Choice: You let me draw whatever I want, in whatever medium I want. I sign it to you.

No backgrounds please.

Size defaults at 8.5"x11", 600 DPI. If you want a different size, let me know. File will be emailed to you and may be printed or used in any non-commercial way. If you would like to order prints, t-shirts, or stickers through my store, that can be arranged. 

My commissions are for personal use and are not licensed for reprinting or selling copies of. If you want to commission me to do illustrations for your publication, shirt, business, logo, or anything that would use the image as something beyond art to hang on the wall, please contact me to discuss.

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